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Questions? Here are some FAQs

Questions About My Online Grocery Order Delivery

When can I expect my order?

Our Best effort will be made to process LOCAL orders and deliveries on the same day or the next day. 

Do you provide tracking numbers?

Once your item has been shipped you will receive your tracking number via email. Customers can also access their tracking numbers on their Account Page. You can also track your order status on the customer side login of NDC.

Does someone need to be home to sign for my order?

Even though we prefer to deliver your order when someone is home, rest assured we provide contact-free delivery. No signature is required, however, at Natural Direct Canada we understand life can get busy so we try to schedule the delivery with your order confirmation. This makes it easier for someone to be home to receive the order.

What is your Local Delivery Zone?

We do our best to deliver to all Canadian addresses as we are growing our network coverage area. If you would like to confirm we deliver to your area before you place an order please contact us via chat or email. If you’re outside our current delivery zone we will contact you with alternative options that may be available

How is the delivery rate calculated?

If you are in our local delivery zone and someone is home to accept the order, then delivery is FREE!

Questions About How We Shop & Select Your Online Grocery Items

What service does Natural Direct Canada provide?

Natural Direct Canada offers a personal shopper service delivering to you the best available produce, meat, and other grocery items directly to your home. Our goal is to bring the cleanest, freshest food straight from the local best grocery stores to your door. There is no need for YOU to wait in long lines or drive to the grocery store wasting time and gas. Our online grocery shopping service lets you focus on other things and leaves the chores to us!

Where does Natural Direct Canada source their food from?

Natural Direct Canada supports local grocery stores and supermarkets. The result? Your family gets only the highest quality of available delicious, flavorful, fresh foods while also strengthening the local economic base of our community.

Does Natural Direct Canada offer organic food selections?

Yes! Visit our Organics section to see our selection of products that are labeled Certified Organic or contain Organic ingredients.

Questions About Your Online Grocery Order Process and Fulfillment

What is the minimum order?

There is a $50.00 minimum order amount. There is not a maximum order amount.

Does Natural Direct Canada accept coupons?

We offer NDC Coupons, which allow you to enjoy coupon savings. NDC Coupons are digital coupons that you’ll find on select products. To redeem, read the coupon details, click the NDC Coupon checkbox below the product image to ‘clip’ the coupon and add the required minimum purchase quantity to your cart. At this time, we are not able to honor paper coupons or digital coupons from other sources.

Why are some prices estimated?

Every apple, every steak, every bunch of carrots varies a little in size and weight. While you shop, we show an estimated weight and price for everything priced by the pound. On the day of delivery, we assemble your order and weigh each item to determine its EXACT WEIGHT and final price.

Your order may be slightly higher or lower than estimated – but the weight and cost per pound will be EXACT. Guaranteed. We guarantee that you’ll always pay the true price for the actual weight of your products. See our Estimated Weight & Honest Pricing Policy.

How can I view the status of my order?

Simply click on “My Account” on the top left side of your screen. On your account home page you can click “View Order Status” to view the current status of your orders.

How do I create a shopping list?

Underneath each Natural Direct Canada Product, you will notice the “Add To Cart” and “Add To Wishlist” buttons. You can create a shopping list by adding the item to your wish list.

Why do I have 2 separate orders for my original order submitted?

If we need to make any replacements or alternative purchases, a second order will be created within your NDC account that details the changes, edits, and additions.

FOR MORE DETAILS, GO TO: What if there is a substitution on my order? 

There will also be an additional charge for materials needed to ship cold or frozen items. We will not know the number of boxes or refrigerants needed until after we complete your order. We will generate a second bill (and charge) for your credit card based upon the boxes and refrigerants used to safely ship your order.

FOR MORE DETAILS on frozen and cold packaging costs, see How are delivery rates calculated for deliveries within and outside the local delivery area?

What Happens When There Are Substitutions, Out-Of-Stock Items, and Return Orders?

What if something I order is out of stock?

If your product is out of stock we do our best with the following:

  • We look for another size for that product and try to obtain the same amount requested of that particular item. (For example. instead of one 10 ounce container, we would buy two 5 ounce containers.)
  • If another size is not available, we will look for an alternative brand of that item.
  • If that different brand product isn’t available, we will visit other area stores to try and find this product.

Satisfying your order is our priority!

  • If we still cannot locate your item or a suitable alternative, then the item gets refunded off the order.

What if there is a substitution on my order?

Please note that if we DO need to make any replacements or alternative purchases (as indicated above), here are the steps we follow:

  1. A second-order will be created (and subsequently charged to your account) within your NDC account that details the changes, edits, and additions.
  2. This generates a message to you with the changes in your inbox.
  3. If you are not happy with our replacement items you can respond to an order message that is sent to you for review.
  4. If you have not responded to the order message, we will then call you to inform you of the edits to the order.
  5. If you do not approve of the change, we will remove any of the replacement items or suggested items on that second generated order
  6. If you approve the change – we will generate a second invoice and your card will be charged for the additional amount.

Please note supplies in the stores may be limited. It is advisable for customers to be available via phone or email for order updates and statuses so we can communicate with you while we are shopping at the store.

Being available during the order picking process will help us operate as efficiently, and error-free, as possible – and allow us to fill your order more completely.

Can I return something if I’m not satisfied?

Products may be NOT be returned.  At Natural Direct Canada, we guarantee freshness on delivery and are committed to delivering a high-quality product. In the event the item you receive is spoiled please take a photo of the product, so you may dispose of it, and contact customer service at 1-800-423-7257. We are available to assist you by phone Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm or via email 7 days a week.